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Director of Broadcast Operations | Kevin PaulsThe Nighthawks would like to introduce our Director of Broadcast Operations and the new voice of the Niverville Nighthawks, Kevin Pauls. Pauls has been doing play by play since he was a kid in one form or another. Pauls has worked with the MJHL, AAAU18, SEMHL, and more over the past 15 years. Over the last six years or so, Pauls was a major player with the Winkler Flyers where he helped design and run their Hockey TV identity and online radio. Pauls brings a passion to help provide the best possible platform for the players to showcase their talents.

When asked why Pauls wanted to be a new member of the Nighthawks’ team, Pauls expressed the following, “I want to be a part of the Nighthawks because it’s such an amazing opportunity to be a part of a brand-new organization, and to work with such amazing and talented people. I get to call the first ever game and be a part of that forever. How cool is that?”

One of the things that Pauls looks forward to the most is the ability to share this experience with his daughter, Lua. Together they will share a front row seat on this exciting journey with the new Niverville Nighthawks!

To watch or listen to Kevin Pauls deliver an exciting play-by-play, visit:

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Billet Coordinator | Gail Chornoboy The team’s billet coordinator, Gail Chornoboy, has been a Nivervillian for life and grew up watching her brother Kurtis Wiebe play for the Niverville Northstars. Chornoboy got into figure-skating as a youngster and did so competitively for many years. She then started to teach figure skating and coached at competitions in Niverville and the surrounding area.

“I joined the organization because I needed something else to focus on as we are empty nesters and winters are long on the couch! Watching our town grow and change so much over many years, it’s great to see something like a junior hockey team come together. I feel like it will bring our whole community closer.”

Her favourite moment in hockey would be teaching her son to skate and how to play hockey. She is now teaching her grandson to skate. And he’s already telling her that he wants to be a Nighthawk one day.

“Niverville has always been an ink spot on a map. People used to say, ‘Where is Niverville?’ And I would say, ‘South of Winnipeg.’ But now we are becoming a bold dot on the map!”