Take Flight: The Niverville Nighthawks Have Arrived

Welcome to Niverville – it’s a phrase we’ve heard and used plenty in the past few months. Truth be told, it’s a greeting that far precedes the Nighthawks here in town. People have been setting up shop in Niverville at an impressive clip in the last few years – either to live, work, or both – and the subsequent vibes brought by all the new blood is the envy of our entire province. And now I get to use it again to welcome you to Niverville Nighthawks HQ!

None of this existed a short time ago, and now we have colours, logos, a website, and a handful of young hockey players eager to get to town and prove themselves on and off the ice. Now we have an identity. And we’re far from finished.

From the first conversations between Clarence Braun and the MJHL to spring of 2022, our team has undergone rapid growth, and we’re not done yet. We’re looking for players with a natural inclination to compete to the best of their abilities every day, and the character to worry about what they do control, and not what they don’t. Having a logo and a website doesn’t change that.

But it makes it a lot more real. And all of us here at Nighthawks HQ can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • General Manager & Head Coach Kelvin Cech