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Nighthawks Name McAulay as GM, Hirst as Coach

By Ty Dilello

On May 22, the Niverville Nighthawks announced some changes to its hockey operations department, naming Mike McAulay as general manager and Dwight Hirst as head coach. Tyler Anderson has also been named assistant coach.

According to Nighthawks president Clarence Braun, the team’s chair of hockey operations, Kevin Lansard, has been the lead on all conversations and negotiations relating to these key decisions.

With a deep-rooted passion for hockey and an extensive understanding of the game, McAulay’s commitment to excellence and his unwavering dedication to the team’s success make him the perfect fit for the crucial general manager role with the club.

Hirst stepped in late last season and quickly cemented his place within the club. His immediate impact and deep understanding of the game have been evident from the start. He is focused on building the Nighthawks program, and his strategic approach will be essential to the success of the team in the future.

Hirst was elated when he found out he would become the full-time coach of the Nighthawks next season.

“It was a feeling of opportunity to have the organization believe in my ability to coach this program,” says Hirst. “There is overwhelming support from the entire organization, from the management, the coaches, trainers, board members, and volunteers. I try to make a point of engaging in conversations with everyone involved at the rink during practices and games. It’s been a very easy transition into the coaching role for me since there is a lot of community support.”

Hirst plans on getting to work during the offseason, doing everything possible to prepare the club for the start of training camp at the end of summer.

“[For one,] getting familiar with our staff and coaches who support our players during the offseason is key,” says Hirst. “Being prepared for the opening of training camp starts now for our athletes. And putting together plans on how we want our club to play and act as a team.”

Hirst is excited at the prospect of settling into his leadership role and helping the team reach new heights.

“As we finished the season, we were a team that had pushed our compete level up and improved upon our special teams. We will strive to be a team that is very hard on pucks—puck possession is a priority—and resilient with our approach will help guide our group next season.”

Finally, just like McAulay, Anderson has been an integral part of the Nighthawks since the team’s beginnings. His dedication and hard work behind the scenes have not gone unnoticed, and the club is excited to see him take on a more prominent role as an assistant coach.

Anderson will be given the opportunity to make a significant impact on the team, bringing his unique perspective and innovative ideas to the forefront.

The Nighthawks organization notes that this dynamic team brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and fresh perspectives that will undoubtedly elevate its program.